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Today I've got a rather large update for you. It's size is defined by a couple of factors:
  1. An rather substantial update to the game
  2. A new prototype for you to try out!
  3. A presentation of the game on youtube
This post will mostly focus on what I've done in the game, the video will be a presentation of the prototype and will convey my end-goal for the people watching. Finally there is a new demo/prototype to try out which can be found over here.

So.. What's new to the game you might ask?

Particle Effects

I've added a ton of event-listeners for the particle gfx (effects) added in the previous update. I've also optimized it somewhat (still rather poor performance but I know how to fix it, it's just not an priority right now). The particle gfx can now be attached to regular Effects (movespeed +-, crit chance ect..) now as well. This means that the particle gfx can be attached, in the XML, to: mobs, npcs, playable characters, effects and objects. 

I haven't yet had the time to tweak and add effects to most of the stuff, look at it as a demo of what it can do instead.

Playable Characters

This is probably the biggest update in terms of time-worked and actual presentation. 
Now each time before you start a new game you are prompted with an Character Creation screen. Here you can customize your name and choose one of the several playable characters. Later on this is also where you choose you spells.

Most of the time went into adding customizability to the XML where you define the characters. I think I've done a pretty good job with this, so even though there only are 4 playable characters there is a lot of room to create new interesting ones!

Sprite Sheets

All of the NPCs and mobs are now able to turn directions and have a spritesheet with the same layout as the player. Therefore it's really easy to make a new playable character and simply take or modify an existing sprite and add it to the character. All of the mobs and npcs only had a single image on it's sheet with a direction facing down, therefore i had to apply my lacking pixelart skills and try to make it look as good as possible from all 4 directions. I think i did a fairly good job, although I'd rather have someone with the passion for it doing it.

The youtube video will be uploaded shortly and once done it will be in the header for this post!

Be well

2015-08-21 14:17

 by Tallkotten

Character creation update soon...


I've been working on a "Character creator", an update will follow soon :)

2015-08-15 19:06

 by Tallkotten

Particle Effects


I've done some more work on the particle engine. It's now fully customize-able in XML and you can easily hook it up to events. For example an AI has these events available for hook-up:

- on_spawn
- on_step
- on_block
- on_damage
- on_crit
- on_death

Here are some pictures of the XML for those interested. Otherwise just scroll down to the video for a demo, i think it looks really good! :)

XML asset

Scripted on a mob

Youtube Demo!

2015-07-19 02:02

 by Tallkotten

A very long time, no see


Finally i have some break from my University and i've been able to start working on the project (game) slowly.

I just wanted to show of my new particle engine that i plan to have fully incorporated really soon. It will drive all the effects in the game for things like spells, blood and fire.

I hope to get back to coding more frequently on the project now. I have a few important features i want to get finished before i start doing some actual game design instead of engine optimization. 

Those systems would be:
 - Particle Engine
 - Better randomization algorithms for loot/mobs/areas
 - Spells
 - Character customization

I think that after that i can add some better art and implement sound to the game.

Anyways here are some examples I've currently got running!


Blood, goo and shield-hit:

2015-07-08 00:32

 by Tallkotten



I've been taking a little break from coding the game and website, mainly because I've got vacation from my otherwise full-time job. Although I do have some interesting features implemented that I haven't uploaded to the website yet, so theres that to look forward to! 

I predict that I'll get back on the horse sometime this or next week.


2014-07-28 16:55

 by Tallkotten