Weekly update


Unfortunately there wasn't much progress made on the game this week and the little time i had went into making the website cleaner and adding features to it. Which is a good thing honestly. I really needed to make it better at introducing the game to new visitors.

The few small changes on the game doesn't justify a new build release just yet, so I'll wait to upload the latest build to the site until i have some more progress. Currently i'm developing a "Admin CC" for the website which is taking a little bit of time, hopefully it will be done soon!

2014-07-12 10:26

 by Tallkotten

Tiny update


Just fixed some bugs and made some design fixes to the game. 
While play-testing myself i found that the distance to talk to an NPC was way shorter 
than the actual interact distance.

So i set those distances to the same, resulting in a longer interact distance on NPC's. 
I also replaced the GFX for the player-ghost and I added a potion drop on the first Slime you encounter to replenish your health. Buy more of those in the town!

2014-07-05 20:31

 by Tallkotten

Hello World!


Finally! I've got a playable prototype, it might be rough around the edges but it works! Since it's my first post I also want to explain and talk about the game a little.

What is it today

First and foremost, this is in no way done. For example all of the textures in the game today is picked from different corners of the internet just to help me prove my concept.

This is a tiny prototype to show/test how the game will play. The basic interactions, weapon & ai effects, combat and world exploration is what i want to test and play around with. For example character customization and spells isn't in the game yet and the little randomization i got today is "okay" at best.

What it will be

I strive to add customization and randomization to the game/engine. I want the player to create unique experiences for themselves.

Customization will materialize with customize:able characters. You will choose a name, skin and 4 different abilities out of a larger pool. These abilities can be anything from passive buffs, active spells or new mechanics. For example one might let you roll away from danger to dodge. I also want to either add a map-editor or an rich documentation for the ".xml"-files the game is using as a script language. This will allow me and players to easily create, change and share content to their liking.

Randomization will be a choice for the map creator. But i want it to be available if needed. It should be able to randomize entire worlds and quests to create unique experiences.

Near future

In the near future i will work on fixing smaller bugs and trying to fix some performance issues. I might also start to experiment with sounds as well.

My plan is to update this blog and the version of the prototype as i go. 

Artists reading?

If you are and if you're interested in this project feel free to contact me. I'm in some need of good and coherent art as you probably can tell.

2014-07-04 00:00

 by Tallkotten