A very long time, no see


Finally i have some break from my University and i've been able to start working on the project (game) slowly.

I just wanted to show of my new particle engine that i plan to have fully incorporated really soon. It will drive all the effects in the game for things like spells, blood and fire.

I hope to get back to coding more frequently on the project now. I have a few important features i want to get finished before i start doing some actual game design instead of engine optimization. 

Those systems would be:
 - Particle Engine
 - Better randomization algorithms for loot/mobs/areas
 - Spells
 - Character customization

I think that after that i can add some better art and implement sound to the game.

Anyways here are some examples I've currently got running!


Blood, goo and shield-hit:

2015-07-08 00:32

 by Tallkotten