Download and try the prototype for yourself

v.0.1.537 Changelog:
• Added a short stun after blocking melee characters (no gfx for it yet)
• Changed a bug where the character would spawn in the wall

You can download it here.

Some worth-mentioning features:

• Die and a ghost of your former self will spawn. If you continue to play with a new hero you can try to kill your ghost to get some of your gold back!

• There are about 6 enchants available in the game today, all with 6 different levels (the higher the better).

• Buy health potions from the Alchemist in town.

• Use your shield and time your blocks to survive.

• For devs: Take a look in the "Assets" folder and play around with the ".xml"-files. The entire demo is build with these files!

• If it's too hard just pick the last character, it comes loaded with a ton of strong effects!

• Using a laptop? Use space to simulate a click in the game.

Did you encounter any problems or do you have any ideas for improvement?
Please let us know by contacting us.